Pelvic Health Workshop~ Saturday 11/4/17


Join us for an Introduction to Pelvic Health for every stage of life – led by Susan Gala, creator of “Feminine Fitness”.

~ Learn the misconception of “kegels”
~ Restore, Release, and Relax your Pelvic Floor
~ Connect to your “True Core” for alignment and Balance
~ Explore gentle movement practices to create body awareness
~ Reclaim your female body for Intimacy, well-being, and vitality

Susan Gala helps women restore their pelvic floor and core, ease female pain, and nourish their body. She created “Feminine Fitness from Within(tm)”; a Holistic Mind-Body-Soul healing program that helps bring awareness to the female body. This practice will help you create the physical stability you need for functional living. Susan is an LMT, certified in Integrative Pelvic Floor Techniques, The Female Pelvis and its Cycles, Pelvic Pain Relief, and Stott Pilates!

COST: $97.00 (917) 923-4548
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