Pilates Classes

Pilates classes at Pilates Powerhouse & Rehab Center are small group class of 8 participants, designed to teach you the Pilates mat repertoire. Flex bands, fit balls, fitness circles, small barrels, foam rollers and other props are integrated to keep your classes challenging and fun. Mat classes at Pilates Powerhouse & Rehab Center are progressive, the levels are graduated from Essentials to Advanced. In addition, classes are offered in OsteoPilates and Pilates for Dancers, Golfers and Athletes of all sorts. .

Our yoga classes offer work on pranayama (breathing), alignment of asanas (poses) and of course, meditation. Prenatal yoga fusion classesare also offered. For those with a bit of experience in both, we are now offering YogaLates classes, too!

Advanced registration is required to reserve your space in the class.

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8 classes


12 classes


One-on-One: Pilates, Yoga or Reiki

A “one-on-one,” hour-long session. Your session is tailor-made to help you achieve your goals as well as fit your lifestyle. This is a great option for beginners, pre- and post-natal women, those recovering from injury or those wanting the individual attention to work on specific spots.

Single session*


5 sessions


10 sessions



Pilates Reformer Series Classes

You’ll learn the secrets of the Pilates Reformer, perform a variety of Pilates exercises that you’ve never done before while building long, lean muscles and improving your flexibility. Your metabolism will get a boost and your energy will soar after taking this class.

The Pilates Reformer Series is an intensive class with only 3 participants. Previous private instruction or completion of a Pilates Powerhouse mat series is required before starting.

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1 class*


4 classes


8 Classes

12 Classes





Duo Sessions and ½ hour sessions (Pilates or Yoga)

A duo session is an hour-long Pilates or Yoga session shared with a partner. You and your partner are sharing the instruction, yet still receiving a tailor made workout; you and your partner may be doing different exercises.

It is highly recommended that all new clients to the Pilates method complete a minimum of five private sessions before attending a semi-private. This will give you the proper base knowledge to complete the exercises with less one-on-one support while executing accurate technique. If you do not have a partner we can help find one for you.

½ hour sessions are designed as a ‘focus’ session and are not an express workout session.

Single session*

$42. (per person)

5 sessions

$195. (per person)

10 sessions

$370. (per person)


Postural Analysis:

If you are experiencing chronic pain or have a medical professional’s referral:
Your first session is comprised of an evaluation  of strength, flexibility, posture and a medical history assessment. The information gathered from the initial session will help to prioritize your Pilates training as well as determine your individual goals.