Pilates for Athletes


Once the Basic Principles are learned, and awareness of the exercises are understood, this is a great way to strenthen your core as well as all muscles which assist in perfecting your personal sport!


IMG_2090Some specific examples;

kayakers & paddleboarders– we work more on obliques and core, as well as arm movement specifically for paddlers. We simulate the moves on our reformers, so you get the best workout.

soccer players – working to strengthen your core and obliques first and foremost to stabilize… then, work on upper body extension for “more punch to your kick!”.  We also simulate kicking on the Cadillac and Reformer for your leg extension for that perfect kick!

baseball players– Rotation and quad work here for hitting the ball, and baserunning.  Focusing on arm muscles for a strong hit, which starts from your core… not forgetting breathwork for your ultimate sprint around the bases!

dressage riders – using your core, you sit tall on your horse – have the adductor strength to control your body movement and placement on your horse

dancers – whether it be pointe, tap, jazz or jitterbug Pilates helps you strengthen your body to endure the dance! Call us to find out how!