Pilates for Dancers



File:Ballroom dance exhibition.jpgPilates for Dancers helps your posture and strength from the bottom of your heels to the top of your head!  Working on stretches like “Ballet” on the Cadillac to feel the ultimate stretch.

For example; “Lowers & Lifts on the Reformer” will stretch the hamstring and improve leg strength

You’ll learn what muscles you need to work to maintain a strong  “Frame” while dancing, and we’ll strengthen those muscles so you’ll have the most flowing, sophisticated look!

Many specific Pilates exercises will not only help the ballroom dancer, but will also assist those who “East-coast/West-coast Swing”, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Jitterbug, etc.

Take a look at our Testimonial Page and search for “Carl” – a pheonomenal dancer, who improved significantly with Pilates & Yoga!

You’ll  have the benefit of working with Camille – who continues her dance practice and knows the dance moves! Our dance students range in age from 15 to 70!