“I started Pilates several years ago after the birth of my twin daughters in an effort to get back in shape. I had read about it and I liked the idea of lean muscles like a ballet dancer rather than bulk. Pilates focuses on every muscle in your body. Each exercise targets a specific muscle group and strengthens them all. You move from one exercise to the next in a sort of ballet. Beyond the strength and leanness, I find the breathing required for the exercises helps to center me and find a state of calm I do not get with other forms of exercise.

I discovered Pilates Powerhouse & Yoga Center after the birth of my son. Pilates instruction is not all the same. I had several teachers over a few years and only two of them strictly followed the Pilates foundation principals and, in my opinion, this is the only way to achieve the pilates body. One of them mentioned going to workout at Pilates Powerhouse. I finally had the time to go and I was so glad I did. Camille is fantastic. She tailors each class to your needs and makes it fun. She is knowledgeable, energetic, and positive. If you have done Pilates before, you will not be disappointed. I feel so good for a 40 something mother of three young children. I would recommend Pilates Powerhouse to anyone who is serious about Pilates.”

Elaine Levitz

This is a great place for women to come together to work out. It’s a fun place with great energy, and a place I look forward to coming to even though I work hard when I get here.


In the past six weeks, I have lost 6 inches off my waist from consistently doing Pilates with Pilates Powerhouse.

N. Wang

I appreciate how the training is handled in such a professional manner through the development of a personal profile through clinical notetaking and consultation between trainers at Pilates Powerhouse.

C. Kubiak, Ph.D.

Learning Pilates from the instructors at Pilates Powerhouse has made me feel renewed physically, mentally and emotionally. The relaxing atmosphere makes the whole experience a pleasure.

Kristin, Ph.D.

I have gained much greater flexibility through participating in Pilates and without pain and stress of other exercise classes I have tried.


I never thought that Pilates and Yoga would help my dance moves! I’m a dancer, Westcoast Swing, Jitterbug, Tango…and working with Camille has helped my flexibility so much, that when I “dip” the ladies -I’m more grounded and extended – and dip with control!  The ladies love it!

Camille has exercises specifically for the Tango! As a dancer herself, Camille really understands the way the body moves. She teaches you the body mechanics, and to understand and to ‘break down’ every exercise and dance move.  So lucky to have found her…Thank you So much!


My first Reiki Session was unbelieveable!   I wasn’t feeling myself, and came in to get my “Chakras” balanced.. I couldn’t believe how incredibly good I felt after my 30 min. Reiki session! I self so soundly that night, and had more energy than I’ve had in the past! Camille is an awesome Reiki Master who channels great energy to you…and gets rid of the negative…Thanks Camille!

“I just wanted to say that Pilates Powerhouse & Yoga Center is the BEST!

While recently visiting my Mom and Dad in St. Pete, we had the opportunity to bring my 15 month old daughter to Camille for Reiki.  Not only did Camille help my daughter over the span of our two week visit,but she taught me how to continue helping her by teaching me Reiki – Level 1.

Camille has such a generous spirit and was so caring and invested in my daughters’ well-being.  I only wish we lived closer and could regularly visit the studio for all they have to offer. We were given gifts of a lifetime!” Jessica


Jessica W-R

This is the BEST Pilates Studio in town! Teachers are great…warm, friendly atmosphere – I Love being here!  I call this the “Quiet Jewel of St. Pete”. Check them out!    CL

This is THE place to go for Pilates in St. Petersburg, Florida!  All of the instructors are incredibly nice, professionally trained and know how to get you the most out of your time with them!  If you are just getting started or want your butt kicked, they have a variety of ways to help! They will tailor private and group sessions to your level of experience.

Camille, who owns the studio is also a Reiki Master for Healing Energy.  She can help restore your energy balance and your physical balance!

Go here…. you will NOT be disappointed!

“I’ve checked out  other Pilates studios in town after working out at Pilates Powerhouse & Yoga Center, just to experience another studio …and I came right back!  They really focus on your goals, focus on you the entire time you work out, whether it’s in a private session, or group. There’s no ‘it’s all about the instructor’ syndrome here…it’s really all about the client, and that’s what I told the owner, I love it here!” This is really THE place to go!” Glad they won the #1 Best Pilates Studio in Tampa/St. Pete – well deserved!

I am thankful for having met all of the wonderful instructors at Pilates Powerhouse this year. Thank you for your positivity and for giving me new body awareness, confidence, and strength. You’re the best!


I’m 5 months pregnant and just got back from a trip with my family– My flight arrived back in Tampa the day prior, I’d hardly had any sleep last night. When I went to work out privately with Camille the next day, she realized that my body wasn’t going to do anymore than 30 min. of exercise…so she suggested REIKI for the remainder of the session.  I’m so glad she did!  It was so incredibly calming, I felt as if I’d slept for a week!

Not only does she have the ability to do REIKI, but she’s very intuitive to what a body would need.  I left feeling refreshed and awake…having additional energy that I didn’t have before!


One client who recently came to see me for ‘Chakra’ Balancing said she felt out of sorts…. Here’s what happened –

While Reiki’ing her, I noticed her ‘throat’ chakra was extremely ‘heated’…. I took my pendulum and did a quick Chakra test, and her Throat Chakra was closed, which meant that she was ‘holding in’ something that needed to be verbalized… continuing the Reiki, it re-opened beautifully!

When the session was over, I said – “You’re trying to make a decision, that you’re not talking about, you’re keeping it in – she was amazed…

she actually received a new job offer that day, and wasn’t  telling anyone and needed to make the decision by the end of the week!

Reiki and Chakra Balancing can do wonderful things for a body!

From a newly arrived visitor about our studio —

“I took classes this weekend at your studio, while we were visiting family in St. Pete.  I took a Cardio Trampoline class on Friday with Chris and it was AMAZING and a Reformer class on Saturday with Brittany that was equally AMAZING.. You guys ROCK… I LOVE your studio!

I didn’t think I could love a studio as much as the one I go to in NC, but you guys are THE BEST!  I just LOVED IT and when I come back again, I’ll definitely come back to you.”


We LOVE to here feedback – Thank you Lise for your words!  We are so blessed to have great teachers with us!

Lise P

“When I’m at Pilates, my mind is focused and in the present moment along with my body” – Kim W.

We often get caught up in the rigors of our daily lives and our busy minds prevent us from being in touch with our bodies. Pilates is a wonderful way to bring the mind and body together in the present moment; the “now”. Mindfulness on a whole-body level is key to wellness and injury-free fitness. Join us for a private session or a class after work and begin to experience this balancing presence for yourself! You can “escape” your busy world for an hour and “check-in” with your entire self. Doesn’t that sound like a great way to end your day? Call (727)894-6811 to schedule.

Kim W.

“We spent 2 days hiking around Panama City, and a day sailing across the Panama Channel – thanks to Camille & Pilates Powerhouse & Rehab Center, my back and legs felt strong! There was no pain; if i felt uncomfortable, i would practice my Pilates breathing. It has been a great trip!” – CA, Rehab Client